I Want to Feel Again

by Nihilist



I want to feel again is about how dead inside we are as we allow society to crumble all around us. Its sad to watch this world tear itself apart over hurt feelings, hurt beliefs. There is no such thing as love anymore. And we just want to feel again.


released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Nihilist Spring, Texas

Nihilist is built from two friends whom wanted to play Industrial Black Metal. Its built by Bloody Gorhm and Spectre Grimm (Pre-Nihilist) he went under the moniker of SEKTR, as well as Chancellor Purvis creating music; however they've decided to shift to purely Blackened Industrial Metal with Thrash Black Metal thrown inbetween. ... more

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Track Name: Misrepresented
Einy meeny miney moe
Death to a Kaffir
Slit their throat

Look at America!
Look at what she is!
The western civilization!
Freeing their women
Disgusting cunts

I am the bomber
I will kill them all
Ending my life for a lie!

I took my holy book
And I read the way
I want to read it
Without any logic
Inside this head
I am a subhuman!

The holy war
Built on!
Misrepresented lies
The holy war!
Built on!
My hatred
Of allah!

CHildren will die
And we don't care
We just do what we want
Nobody will stop us

We are monsters inside
We want to hide
All the lies we preach
About allah
We hate allah
Hide behind the koran

Out of context we rise!
Death To America
The pigs of the world

Death to the Kaffir
Infidels must die
We have no logic
Behind our lies
But we will
Laugh at America!

Death to America
The bastion of what we hate
Freedom to the women
We hate all the faggots!
We will kill them
Suck a dick and throw em off the wall

Einy meeny miney moe
Death to a Kaffir
Slit their throat

I hate America
I hate life
I hate all
Cause they're free
And I am not
Track Name: Sword
Spread open your wings
Let me inside of thee
I want to make you sing
Upon the clouds
Like an eagle we rise

Upon the sword we fly
Upon the axe we drive
And into the night we
Soar up into the sky
Track Name: Whips on our backs
Darkness crucifying light
As it chokes out the life
Death consumes all those whom breathe
As one day they will turn
To the dust we came from!

From the dust were born
To the dust we return
There is no point in love
We are clay in the hand
We are forged in fire
And look at the land

Death consuming all
Darkness crushing love
Hands on knees spitting blood
As the whip cracks on the back

Back to the post
Where were forged
Whips on our backs
Tear at the clothes
Back to the post
Where we were forged
Whips on our backs
Tear at the flesh

Darkness wants it all
The light will come to fight
Death will quench all life
Like a parasitic life form

Worms in the flesh as they eat away
At the live cadavers
Slowly eaten away
As they decay in their necrotic flesh
Darkness dies and we are crucified
Passed on

From life to death we go to commmit

All Heil
All Heil
All Heil

All Heil
All Heil
All Heil

All Heil
All Heil
All Heil